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Russian Tradition Caviar

Eggs in our more affordable Russian Tradition Caviar are harvested from the same fish as our Finest Osetra Caviar and offer fresh taste and firmness, but with traditional Russian touch. Affordable enough for daily use, this product is designed for those who used to Russian caviar traditions.


The osetr, usually weigh approximately 65 kg. As with all other sturgeons it is long-lived (up to 60 years). Caviar size ranges from 2 mm to 3 mm. Color ranges from the black to grey. Taste is very light, a true finding for the connoisseur.


The sterlet may reach 16 kg in weight.

The sterlet is a common Eurasian species of sturgeon. Caviar size ranges from 1,5 mm to 2 mm. Unique grey color that can be found only in 2 types of sturgeons: Beluga and Sterlet. Taste is reach with flavour and a very delicate texture that can only be found in Sterlet

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Our Products

Mottra farms three species of sturgeon in their Latvian fishery.

Mottra puts Black Caviar to world markets by combining high-end luxury with ethical, sustainable & legal harvesting methods

Our Story

“Mottra” was established in 2002, as a Russian and Latvian joint venture and combines old traditions with modern science to set new standards for sustainability and eco-friendly production. Today, many of the Mottra’s advanced technologies and innovations have been patented and protected for their proprietary use – that’s why no other caviar manufacturers can’t be compared with Mottra Caviar.

Our quality

Our staff are leading biologists who finished Soviet institute in Astrakhan with a specialisation in sturgeon fish farming, closely monitoring quality of the feeds and living conditions of the fish. NO genetically modified products are used during production of the feeds, only the elements from a natural diet. Feed producers are reliable with the best quality control available and a long history of sturgeon feeds production. All these factors insures that our fish is treated as it would in the nature.

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